When I was nineteen, I was in a horrible car accident. The doctors and the paramedics didn’t think I was going to survive. I was in ICU (intensive care) for five days. Limited visits from my family were allowed. My ICU nurse pumped me full of morphine and played classic rock on the radio all night long. I’d hum the lyrics to the staircase to heaven by Eric Clapton and listen to Jimi Hendrix. Due to being ejected from a rolling vehicle off of a mountainside, and due to the impact of the vehicle hitting my leg; my tibial plateau was disintegrated (1 of 18 broken bones and other severe internal injuries).


Surgery was mandatory if I was ever going to consider walking again.  Benny, a very skilled surgeon spent hours re-sewing my cartilage back together. I had a titanium plate with seven screws put into my tibia plateau, as well as 1 Tbs. of bone from a bone bank to help substitute some of the missing bone from the impact. They had to acquire the bone from an outside source as I’d already sustained too many traumatic injuries to consider taking the bone from another part of my own body.  


A few months after the surgery, I drove the four hours to Denver Health from my home in Gunnison, CO for my monthly check-up with my Doctors, Surgeons and specialists. I walked into the office feeling hopeful about my future recovery. My check up with Benny went great, he said he’d never seen such perfect alignment following an injury of this degree. I smiled. I attributed this to my daily practice of alignment in the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar. I also attributed not being paralyzed from my neck down to my life-long practice of alignment. Previous to the accident, my spine was strong, protected, and aligned from my nearly daily practice of ten minute headstands.


My next appointment didn’t go so well. The Doctor sat me down to explain to me that, “due to the severity of my injuries, I was NEVER going to get back to the activities I loved. NO basketball, NO snowboarding, NO running, NO dancing, DON’T even consider learning how to surf. NO soccer.” I was devastated. I left the hospital barely able to see over my own tears. I sat in my car in the parking lot sobbing, and wailing, and snotting for about an hour before I was able to pull myself together enough to make the long drive home. In the Doctor’s mind, he was preparing me for my inevitable future. Based on his experience and expertise, I was never going to get back to the activities I’d loved. The sooner I’d accepted this reality, the sooner I could move on with my life.  


From my perspective, I was pissed. How dare he determine the outcome of  MY future, I thought. Though deeply impacted by his words, I refused to take them on as the outcome of my life. In that moment, I decided, I wouldn’t be the standard, I’d create the new standard. Today, I’m very proud to announce; I’m actively pursuing my passions pain free! I can hike 14ers! I mountain bike. I play soccer and basketball. I learned how to surf. I run at least three days a week. Running to me isn’t a chore. It’s a privilege. I smile through the challenge because I remember what it’s like not to be able to run. I bless and cherish my body, it’s abilities, and I kiss the earth and the sky every time I get outside to play.



Ten years after my car accident, I was living a very blessed life. I was in a very positive and healthy relationship with my current love Kyle. I was surrounded by inspiring and loving friends, community members, and family. I was living in one of the majestic places of the world, on the Big Island of Hawaii. I was deeply fulfilled in my work as a mentor for at risk youth. I was challenged daily, and I had to put ALL of my skills and creativity to use. I’d work sixteen hours a day for eight days straight, dedicated to every single moment, to every single student, and committed to every member of my team.


Our job was to provide safety to those who had used attempted suicide, cutting, addiction, eating disorders, violence, and unhealthy coping mechanisms to render their own pain. Our job was to uplift, inspire, educate and re-pattern new healthy habits in replacement of the old ones through a six week rites of passage course. We were dedicated to our purpose and we worked around the clock to make it happen. At 11:00 p.m. we’d debrief on the day’s events. What worked, what didn’t, how could we show up better tomorrow?  Before the sun was up, we we’re up.


As a lead guide, I wasn’t only responsible for the safety of my students, but for the well-being and the morale of my entire team. My team members went through and saw every scenario one could imagine. Together, we managed and solved every situation that came up; runaways, emotional outbursts, self-harm, eating disorders, injury and illness. The job was demanding; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. On my six days off, I’d hike, camp, and explore every single beautiful beach and waterfall the island was willing to share with me.  


There was just one problem.


I was still living in chronic pain. I could show up, and I was genuinely happy, but the pain wore on me; mentally, physically, and emotionally. The pain continuously sent signals to my nervous system that something wasn’t right. I felt PTSD from the consistent stress on my nervous system.


By this point in my journey, I’d left no stone unturned. I’d tried everything in my power to heal myself. I’d adopted self loving practices, I was outside all day everyday in a job I loved, I was in a supportive relationship, I’d been a raw vegan for the better part of my twenties, and I only ate organic foods. Plus I blessed each meal I ate with gratitude for the nourishment it was providing me with. I had a daily yoga and meditation practice, I went to regular acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, and physical therapy. In my mind, I was doing everything I knew of to support my own health. This is when I learned about Dr. Robert Morse. He talked about detoxification for self regeneration. It sounded exactly like what I’d been searching for and dreaming of. My actions up to this point we’re not getting to the root cause of my suffering; chronic acidosis form inherited lymphatic congestion, and inherited genetic weaknesses.


Growth isn’t always comfortable. Change isn’t always easy. I get that. Many people choose to make a set annual income, hangout with their circle of friends, and eat the foods they eat because these are the patterns they are used to and therefore comfortable with. Our habits, thoughts, beliefs, and actions have been programed into us since day one from the behaviors, thoughts and social norms of those were influenced by or spend the majority of our time with.


What about when our worlds get flipped upside down and we’re forced to change everything? Detoxification is VERY simple, but it isn’t necessarily easy. It requires focus and dedication. It requires breaking out of the accepted norms. It requires not only the courage to try something new, but the follow through to finish it. When I first began my detox journey, I knew to expect detox symptoms. Detox symptoms are the elimination of obstructions, lymphatic waste, acidosis, inflammation, parasites, viruses, cancer cells, and inherited genetic weaknesses from our bodies. It isn’t always pretty. A healing crisis occurs when the body comes into an alkaline state- allowing obstructions to be removed from the body. This is when healing occurs.  A healing crisis looks completely different from person to person, depending on one’s unique inherited congestions, genetics, and health history.


For me, it looked like this. Horrific pain from all of my past injury sites. I felt like I’d been in a car accident that day. I welcomed this discomfort because I knew if I could eliminate these conditions from my body, the possibility of freedom existed on the other side. So I persisted. I worked through the detox symptoms that came up in the following weeks and months. As each symptom passed, I felt more and more like myself. The haze of chronic pain was releasing its grips on me. I felt the tension in my brain and body melt. I felt free. The joy from this process only deepened as I continued down my personal journey to personal freedom.



Until we take 100% responsibility for every single aspect of our lives, freedom isn’t obtainable. This means zero excuses. This means complete ownership of our thoughts and of our actions. 100% responsibility for our finances is the gateway to empowering ourselves to reaching our financial goals. 100% responsibility of our own health is the beginning of discovering our own unlimited potential.


Your Doctors aren’t responsible for your day to day health. You are. Yes, Doctors are amazing when it comes to crisis care. I wouldn’t be alive without the assistance of the search and rescue team who found me, or the doctors who allowed me to walk again. As far as true healing goes. You are your own best healer. The body is made to heal itself. The only requirement of us is to assist our bodies by removing the obstructions by assisting the elimination systems and encouraging a state of alkalinity. The body heals itself when it’s chemistry is alkaline. The body gets itself into trouble when it is in a chronic state of acidosis. Our daily food consumption, thoughts, auctions, behaviors, and environments we choose to surround ourselves in either contribute to alkalinity or contribute to acidosis.


Acid forming foods

Meats, dairy, eggs, grains, complex proteins including nuts and beans.


Alkaline forming foods

Fruits, veggies.


Acid forming emotions

Jealousy, anger, resentment, hate


Alkaline forming emotions

Gratitude, forgiveness, fulfillment


Does this mean we should only eat foods that leave an alkaline ash in the body, and only feel emotions that produce an alkaline chemistry in our bodies? No, that would be unrealistic. However, if dis-ease, injury, or emotional upset find their way into your life, adopting an alkaline diet could be a huge asset.  It is the only thing I’ve seen that addresses the root cause of “dis-ease.” When healing at the cellular and genetic levels, a person must achieve at least 80% of their diet to be alkaline, primarily by eating fruits and herbs.


When a chronic or life threatening illness is on the table, I’d shoot for 95% of my diet to be alkaline. Disease can’t exist in an alkaline environment. Symptoms of dis-ease come from a state of chronic acidosis. Yes, a child can have chronic lymphatic congestion (many do). If this congestion isn’t eliminated via proper kidney filtration, dis-ease symptoms will likely occur at some stage of life.


The greater the lymphatic congestion, the earlier the onset of symptoms. The inherited genetic weaknesses that a person is born with, determines how these symptoms of “disease” will show up in one’s life. Is it heart related, chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, MS?


All symptoms of “disease” can be resolved by strengthening our genetic constitution, and by eliminating constipation in our lymphatic systems.  I used to be afraid of chronic disease. I used to feel belittled by my pain. Now I feel completely empowered by the opportunity to heal not only ourselves, but to create a better life for our children, and our grandparents. My Grandpa is 92. He has been an the alkaline lifestyle for the past four years. He rode the bull through all symptoms of detoxification. He got himself off of all of his medications. Hos quality of life is better then it was in his sixties. Most importantly, he’s happy.


With such a dramatic transformation in my life. I completed my studies with Dr. Robert Morse, and I went to Costa Rica to live in the jungle to heal on fruits. THERE IS NO HIGH LIKE THE FRUIT HIGH. I can attest to this. Not only were the physical obstructions being eliminated from my body, so too were the external obstructions being removed from my life. As within, so without. Everything in my life became easier.


I began my journey by volunteering at a fruit festival. From here, I volunteered on a biological preserve in the Corcovado National Forest. This is the most biodiverse place in the world! I did night hikes with wildlife biologists and local ticos. I danced the night away at discotecas and I tried my best to learn spanish. I began teaching the local kids yoga. They loved it. If one of the kids would see me walking down the dirt road, they would yell “Rita! Rita! Rita!” Before I knew all of the neighborhood kids were chasing after me. “Yoga? Yoga?” They’d ask, demonstrating to me their favorite pose.


We played in the jungles. They taught me all of the local edible plants that were growing in our backyard. “My mother cooks with this one,” they would explain. On my second day in the Corcovado, a giant puma (mountain lion) ran in front of our car. She was majestic. I became comfortable in the jungles, harvesting my own coconuts, tromping around in muck boots and exploring wild, raw, beaches under big beautiful skies . The locals took me out kayaking to see the crocodiles. The monkey’s would come down and play with me from my front porch.


One day, a woman named Lana came down to the preserve. I heard you were here! I heard you do iridology, can you read my eyes? Of course. Lana was the Aunt of one of my closest friends in high school. I began teaching yoga at her five star resort called Luna Lodge. It is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. At this point, I was making Amazonian herbal tinctures for all of the locals to help them clean up their lymphatic systems and to start strengthening their organs and glands. It’s so interesting, the different genetic inheritances of different regions and cultures. Environment, lifestyle, and the foods we eat all play a role in what genetic inheritances we receive.


The hot summer months brought me to explore the highest mountain in Costa Rica. Mt. Chirripo. I asked around for a home to rent. I found a brand new two story home for $124.00/month. It was a dream. I had my own private hot springs, and multiple private waterfalls. My best friend since third grade came to visit me, and she came to my very first regenerative detoxification retreat.


While on retreat, we did fruit fasting, daily amazonian herbs, and private iridology consultations. We had daily workshops on alignment, health, communication, dance, you name it.  We explored the local rivers and hot-springs, and I even created a one day vision quest for the participants on the retreat. It was a wonderful event. After the retreat, Bailey decided to stay in Costa Rica. We loved our new little home one block away from the organic farmers market. Our neighbors would roll up to our house on beautiful horses. They’d take us to the top of the mountain-ridge by horseback. I could hear the cloppity-clop of their hooves on the cobblestone streets.


At night, the lucenigas would come out. The green luminous lightening bugs would light up every layer of the mountain jungles. Sometimes Bailey and I would and sing for hours getting lost in the spectacular light show. Our friend Michael,  lived a few mile walk from our home. We’d dance under the stars to his loud speakers, and we’d go hunting for electric orange glow worms that would light up the forest floor. It was like disney land on steroids. Electric green lightning bugs lighting up the forest sky, electric orange glow worms lighting up the forest floor, and finally, avatar blue fungus would light up little sticks scattered across the ground. Life is magical if you know where to look.



I’m forever grateful for the countless adventures of living to my greatest potential.. I’m even more grateful for the obstacles life has given me to overcome. Not only has this given me the tools to know how to truly heal myself, but it's granted me the empathy to help others through their own journey to brightness. I'll leave you with my favorite quote from Dr. Robert Morse...


“Some of you guys were thrown into the darkness, because you are strong, you can produce the light and you can give the light out, so don’t feel alone, change it around and realize that God put you there to be the light bearer, to be the light giver. So become the light, become conscious, become consciousness.”



Rita Jean is a Clinical Iridologist, certified regenerative detoxification specialist and herbalist. You can find her at  

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