Inspired Living Coaching with Rita Jean Flemming

Rita Jean is a clinical iridologist, herbalist, and regenerative detoxification specialist. She loves the bodies' ability to heal and thrive when it's properly supported.
What is true healing? Getting to the root cause of symptoms.
During your herbalism session, Rita will walk through your entire history and genetic history with you. She will ask you pertinent questions to dive deeper into what you're working on and what your goals are.
For your iridology analysis, Rita will take a picture of your eyes with a macro lens. Iridology is the only science at this time, that can see soft tissue weakness and toxicities. Iridology isn’t a science about diseases or the diagnostics of symptoms. Iridology’s approach is holistic and takes in the interrelationship of all of the systems of the body.
Your eyes reveal a reflection of all of your organs, glands, bones & connective tissues, nervous system & brain- much like a mirror. Through an iridology analysis, Rita can see which areas of your body are looking for support. She can see acute, subacute, and chronic tissue states as well as various levels of lymphatic congestion. This gives you a road map of how to best support your body, mind, and emotional wellbeing for optimal vitality.
You will walk away with direction and clarity on how to bring more vital energy into your life. You will receive self-care practices to support whole being wellness. Rita will work with you to create a long term wellness plan specific to you - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She may provide you with custom herbal formulations to help you reach your needs and goals. Rita does in-house and virtual consultations @_ritajean
Schedule an appointment with Rita on Fridays at Salida Sunshine Apothecary by calling 719 539 7735

“Rita has been an incredible inspiration and a key piece of my own personal development. Her courage, dedication, and support is unmatched. Her desire to evolve to the best version of herself is infectious. I wouldn’t be where I am without her support, knowledge, and motivation. Thank you, Rita, you’re an amazing teacher. I’m honored to know you!”


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