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Welcome to Salida Sunshine Botanicals, where pure botanicals meet organic skincare and wellness perfection. 

From our skincare to our teas and elixirs, all of our products are handcrafted from fresh-grown herbs and plants to deliver nourishment, hydration, and rejuvenation -   leaving you feeling radiant and healthy.   

Our promise to you is that we use natural and organic ingredients, guaranteeing that every single one of our products has ZERO harmful chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances. 

At Salida Sunshine Botanicals, we value quality and integrity over everything - ensuring that every purchase is an investment into your well-being. Experience the transformative power of nature and indulge in the luxury of Salida Sunshine Botanicals skincare today!


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We invite you to join us on a journey of self-care. Once a month, we will send tips and techniques for caring and nurturing yourself to help you connect with the season and your body, mind, and spirit. Join us and we will honor the power of nature and the beauty and abundance we have hidden inside ourselves.

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We just love Calendula Skin Cream. After skin biopsies we use it to help the healing process. It works so well. It helps to prevent scarring. It is also very soothing for irritated skin.

Terry A.

When you truly want a peaceful “all about me” experience, please go see Gena. She has a gift of giving you a totally relaxing, calming facial and inner healing that comes from her carefully made natural products.

Lori L.

My 8 year old fell on the playground and got a black eye and huge knot on her face. It felt like a rock under her skin. It was a gnarly wound and I am not exaggerating. She would only let us massage it with her little jar of your Arnica Salve. The knot went away quickly with your wonder-goop!

Susan S.

This was more than just a facial- this was an experience! I’ve never relaxed so much during a session as I did with this Ayurvedic facial rejuvenation. Gena cultivates a safe space of love and intention, which allows for ultimate relaxation and healing in every part of her rejuvenation process. On top of all that, the products she uses are her own: hand-made, plant-based, natural (no additives), and smell amazing! Weeks later people are still complimenting my skin... It is glowing, nourished, and happy! Gena is the absolute BEST! I recommend Gena’s services to everyone I love!

Allyson C.

The power of the Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation and its deep relaxation for the face and neck should not be underestimated. Our energetic body connects to our whole system via the marmas in the face and head. Thus, working on the face serves every part of us. To my surprise, much of the healing power of the treatment for my skin has persisted. Now, weeks after the treatment, I still see improvements in my skin texture, coloration, radiance, and reduction of wrinkles. I've been experimenting with skin care products and protocols for years. Now, following Gena's recommendations and using Sunshine Botanicals, I am getting more dramatic results than ever before. This treatment, and Sunshine Botanicals products, are absolute gems. Thank you, Gena! I wish I could gift every friend and loved one with this experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who is looking for deep nurturance and lasting beauty.

Chanda K.

I received pack of Salida Sunshine Botanicals for Christmas and tried them, not expecting much. I had given up on finding anything that worked for my acne and used low-end generic face wash and moisturizer from the grocery store. I immediately enjoyed the routine of using the Creamy Cleanser and applying the face serum, hydrosol, and skin cream twice a day. My skin felt softer and smoother within a week. I've bought more since then and continued using the products every day because I've never been so happy with my face skin. I never thought my complexion could improve as much as it has using these products! Taking care to follow the routine and massage my face every day genuinely makes my life a little better. I personally use the Creamy Cleanser, Calming Face Serum, Calendula Skin Cream, and Calendula & Rose Hydrosol. There's other options for all skin types and I think anyone could build a good skincare routine with these products. I would recommend them to anyone.

Jasper B.