Make your skincare routine a harmonious ritual


Loving intent and being present is all you need to turn your daily skincare routine into a harmonious ritual, a mini-meditation.

With a simple shift of your mindset, the few moments a day that you cleanse and nourish your skin will allow you to become more calm, peaceful, and present.


Follow these simple instructions and feel the difference:
    • In front of your sink, relax, be present, and simply breathe. 
    • Take three deep breaths, inhale love and exhale peace. 
    • Surround yourself with love and peace, joy and harmony, abundance and beauty.
    • Be very gentle, peaceful, and present. Do not tug or rub your skin. Use long circular motions. Upward and outward feels the best.
    • When you finish, give thanks, you may want to say a prayer or mantra.

    That is it. Your morning and evening skincare routine is now a skincare ritual.



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