Step-By-Step Skin Care Routine




Morning Skin Care Routine


1) Cleanse & Tone


2) Nourish


3) Moisturize & Protect


4) Spot treatment


5) Continue with your choice of Sunblock and make-up routine. 


Throughout the day


1) Hydrate


Evening Skin Care Routine


1) Cleanse

  • For 1-2 minutes, gently massage a quarter-sized amount of Salida Sunshine Oil Cleanser or a nickel-sized amount of Salida Sunshine Creamy Cleanser onto your face and neck. Focus on areas of congestion &/or dryness.
  • Use a warm, damp cloth and comfortably cover your face/neck. Let steam until cool. Repeat until there is no residue. 1-2 times.


2) Tone & Hydrate

  • Spray your choice of Hydrosol on a cotton pad and gently smooth your face and neck with upward and outward motions.



3) Nourish  

  • In the palm of your hand, blend a pump or two Face Serum with a spray of Hydrosol. 
  • Gently tap the mixture on your face, under your eyes and lips, and smooth on your neck. 
  • Let sit for a couple of minutes.


4) Moisturize & Protect

  • Apply a small amount of Salida Sunshine Cream on areas of dryness or all over if needed.
  • Use gentle, long, and circular motions. Upward and outward will feel the best.


5) Spot treatment


And that is it, your daily skincare routine. You can purchase my everyday skincare ritual kit or use what you have. It's up to you. Just remember to do this every day for a glowing complexion.




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