Creating Sacred Space



Creating a sacred space with an altar will help you feel closer to your daily skincare rituals. And hopefully, inspire you to do more!

Altars and sacred spaces are good reminders to slow down and take a moment to connect with the beauty within and all around you.

 A space with objects that you have a deep and loving connection with will invoke peace, harmony, love, and joy every time you are in its presence. What an excellent way to start and end your day!


The best place to create a sacred space for skincare rituals is your bathroom or a room with running water. Ensure the room is clean and clutter-free, and you can shut the door for much-needed alone time. 
You may want a space heater if the room is drafty or you tend to run cold. A small chair or meditation cushion will make this time even more comfortable.


Start by collecting items with which you have a special connection: 







Maybe a statue of a spiritual figure


Possibilities are endless as long as each object you choose invokes the feeling of beauty deep within yourself.


Now arrange your chosen items. Please place them next to the sink, on the side of the bathtub, or a shelf. You may have them on a tray you carry to and from. It can be simple with a few items or ornate with many. Let your intuition guide you. 

Set the intent that this is your sacred space, your holy altar. A place of beauty and harmony. A place to be alone and connect. A space to honor the beauty within yourself and all around you.

Many blessings







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